Monday, June 12, 2017

Madrid Day Two

Museums, Spanish burgers, and a Buckeye!

Doors leading to the oldest  church in Spain...

Spain and France share a border and the ability to make a buttery croissant. Along with fresh squeezed orange juice and cafe con  leche, my desayuno (breakfast) was complete and we were off to the Museo Nacional Centro des Artes, Reina Sofia. Wasn't I thrilled to see art from one of my favorite fellow Buckeyes - Roy Lichtenstein.  Columbus friends will recognize this "Brushstroke " as its cousin, "Brushstrokes in Flight" is at the airport.

The showstealer was Pablo Picasso with the exhibit "Pity and Terror" which runs through September. Before this trip I read "Madrid in Winter," CJ Sansom's spy novel set in 1940, in which a character loses all family at the bombing of Guernica.  And I learned a bit about the piece, yet the emotion in the studies before the final work, the work itself, and Picasso's Weeping Woman, stung my eyes and my heart.  The work cannot be photographed and  the power is absent, but here's a postcard  from the museum gift shop.

The museum courtyard and fountain provided a quiet spot for Morning Prayer and a group picture( just not on my camera). The gardens near the Prado will host us for reflection and Evening Prayer.  

 Some Grace  Pilgrims favor foods they know and we're quite pleased with giant Spanish hamburgers at lunch.  Other pilgrims favored  sandwiches mixta - jambon y queso 
(Ham and cheese) and cool gazpacho, and pitchers of agua.  It is in the mid90s today.  Siesta, then more exploration!


Kathy Johnson said...

I can't imagine how much more powerful the Guernica painting was after seeing the artwork leading up to its finished piece. And that book sounds interesting.
I do wonder how the kids felt after seeing it.

Kathy Johnson said...
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Kate Carey said...

We had a thoughtful conversation before Evening Prayer.

Susan said...

Hi Kate and Alton,

It sounds like a wonderful trip. I loved seeing the companion piece to Brushstrokes. Remember ywhen the mayor tried to give it away?